The Degari Legacy

We are the Degari. We are Dragon Born, Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Halflings, Humans, Orcs and many others.

We are the last of the mighty Dragon Empire.

The Age of the Dragon Empire ended in a fierce battle with the demons of the Abyss. A thousand worlds scattered across the Astral Sea raced to help defend Terravin when the Demon Gate opened in its capital city.

We left our home, Degari Prime, to defend Terravin, our homes, our loved ones, and our own souls. But the demons were relentless and our mages could not close the Demon Gate. We were doomed.

To survive, a last attempt was made using a terrible magic. That was when the destruction of the Red Eclipse was unleashed upon Terravin. The light wreaked havoc upon the demons and drove them from the land.

We had won.

Our leaders, however, had fallen. They had given their lives to kill the demons and close the Demon Gate. We did not know how to get home.

The Gods ignored our pleas, as did the Dragon Empire. Our wizards studied to recover the lost arcane arts while others hunted for food and to build shelter. Finally, they reached into the Astral Plane and saw the true cost of the Red Eclipse: The Astral Sea had collapsed, consumed by the Plane of Shadow, obliterating the Gods and the Dragon Empire.

At first we were numb with shock, then fear and chaos took over, and many died before the founding of Haven One. With no Gods, survival has been difficult.

And through all of this, we battle the shadows and the twisted animals of the Red Eclipse.

We are the Degari.

We are the dying embers of the Dragon Empire.

The Red Eclipse campaign take a party from level 1 to 33.

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