Red Eclipse

Battle for Cadensong

(Game time: September 16, Drow moongate ETA: October 15)

Fight 1:

Round 1:
Winter: Foolish drow, this city is mine. I will slay you all and claim your souls!

Darley: The Shadows Revive You

Bride of Shadows:
A burst of shadow erupts from the center of the room and a vision appears: a beautiful fey woman with black hair below a crown of mithral and glowing starstones. Her cloak is pure black, and her indigo dress is set with countless diamonds that sparkle despite the gloom around her. Four lantern dragonettes curled around her feet stand up and hiss at you. She speaks in a commanding tone that leaves the impression she is not used to being questioned or disregarded, “The holy shrine of Cadensong is under the protection of the Summer Palace and the Thorn Guard. Know that spilling any blood here is forbidden and will incur the wrath of the Bride of Shadows.”

Lantern Dragonettes
Are a form of pseudodragon with scales like tarnished silver; their belly glows from within with an orange light. Knowledge History DC: 24 or Knowledge Arcane DC 24: This glow can be muted when they keep their scales laid flat, a bit like a lantern shutter; the glow is brightest when their scales are held away from the body. They are a favorite pet of the fey of the Shadowfel.

Round 2:
Darley: Stand back! None can interfere with the prophecy. My champions will fulfill their destiny.

The Bride of Shadows laughs, “None can know the true meaning of the prophecies. And prophecy does not cater to the whims of any — not even the gods.”

Winter: “ENOUGH! I shall slay you all!”

Darley’s Action: unleashes Veil of the Night, creating a wall of darkness over the party, blocking sight from the balconies and the sunlight from the central skylight.

Upon first blood (drawn by Winter’s spawn):
In a cold, disinterested voice, Bride of Shadow says: “Thorn Guard — destroy them all”
Walls of briars erupt throughout the room, mostly walling off the factions from each other.

The party battles Eladrin and a behir. At the end:
Darley: “The Queen of Night and Magic is gone — her power here is lost. There is only us and Winter.”

Darley then speaks: “The Shadows Revive You”

Fight 2 — Winter’s Spawn

Round 1:
Darley yells, “The Lancer is mine — he’s not your fight.” and charges the demon.

End of Fight 2:
Darley Speaks: “The Shadows Revive You”

Fight 3 — Winter

Round 1:
The final line of briars is blasted apart, “ENOUGH OF THIS WITCHCRAFT!” Winter shouts as he crashes through. The black fog over you is scattered to the wind allowing daylight to once again fill the hall from the central glass ceiling. The briars are left in tatters.
Winter charges Roland, “I will torture your souls for 100 years!”

Darley appears next to Andra and hands her a scroll, “The Abyss is a pit of corruption and lies. Use this now, while I distract him. Do not believe a word he says. And when the sky turns black, run from me and know this path is my own making.”

Darley then shouts at Winter: “Your time has come to an end, Gargithaz.” At hearing his name spoken, Winter’s head snaps back and his eyes flicker with fear. “The Sea Witch has made the prophecy real.”

Round 2:
Winter sees Minyra holding Darley’s blade. He hisses at Minyra and recoils, “The Horned Herald? No! If you’re here, then that means—”

Winter uses Chaos Charge to teleport 8 squares back to the Balazau behind him and strikes the Balazau.

Darley purrs, “You can’t hide from the prophecies, Winter. My champions have come for your head.”

Roland hears a voice in his head “I am Veland Windwalker — and we are not done here”. Roland surges to level 21 and is fully healed.

As Roland attacks, Winter shouts: “Stop! Windwalker, Stop!”

Round 3:
Winter: “Windwalker! Herald! Call her off of me!” — he attacks Darley.

The sky is rippling with lightning, black clouds boil in the sky above you.

Darley cries out “Don’t stop, Andra! Do. Not. Stop!”

Winter is banished:
Andra unleashes the full power of the ritual. The magic lashes out at the demon, binding him to the Abyss where he will have to remain for a year and a day.

Darley: “This isn’t over, Gargithaz. I walk the Abyss and will find you. Keep one eye on your back. Always.” As she speaks, the teeth on her arms shrink down to nubs and fade to nothing.

A black flash of mist surrounds Darley and she is gone.

Lightning crashes down from the sky, striking where Darley had been standing.

Winter stands sullen and bow his head. “Banish me as you must. I know my time on Terravin is over. I may be out of the game, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pick a new favorite to win the race.”

The demon roars and a ring of elemental energy blasts out. It washes over you, making your hair stand on end. Your vision sparkles for a moment and then you see around you three beholders, strips of black metal are lashed over them and hold blue crystals glowing with light. With you looking at them, they gape in surprise and fear, then an instant later they explode in blasts of gore.

“I’m no fool and will not fight the Virozoth prophecies. Tell Fire’s Keeper she only won because of Network 27.”

The Demon holds up a glowing stone, “These Moongate Embers are the key to your freedom. The Demon Gate guardian has two. I would assume each Darklord has one. One is lost in Tenara. There are rumors of others. Maybe even Fire’s Keeper if you’re lucky.”

Arcane energy has bubbled out of the air around him and is straining against his hulking form — the banish spell taking hold.

“Some tips for you, Guilders: when you reach the Abyss, don’t try to find me. You need to trust and embrace the prophecies. The Virozoth are dangerous but they do tell of the end of the Shanara Wildwind just as they told of my leaving Terravin today.”

There is a flash and an arcane inversion of power that gathers and snaps into a single bolt that strikes the place Winter was standing. A blast of shards rains down on the party.

As the party regains their feet, Minyra’s dagger twitches in her hand and draws Minyra toward one of the shards. Minyra sees that while the other dark purple shards have faded to black, one has a silver spark inside it, flashing as if it were a small flame.

Minyra picks up the shard.

As you look around you see the soul larvae fading to nothing.



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