Red Eclipse

Catch up

The party battled through the ruined sea town of New Rizza, encountering Pedari, a Gold Dragon. They battled, with the dragon saying:

I.. am.. Pedari. I sacrifice my life in defiance of you, Shanara. I will never submit to you, Shanara Wildwind. Your lies will return to haunt you Shanara. They will only have to look in your garden, Shanara, to see the truth.

At Fort Digger, the party found an alien structure had imposed itself over the keep. Virozoth, tripod creatures from a distant realm, were invading.

At the heart of For Digger, they encountered Zirig, who offered a deal:

I wanted to offer you a deal: I want the name of the dragon that took the Red Heart. If you can get me that, I will share a secret with you: the truth behind Fire’s Keeper. And to show you that I really am interested in your… success, I have a gift for you.

They find a Mercury Dragon that has chewed off its hind leg, during the battle it curses them, calling them foul names: Assassins! Betrayers! Defilers! Terrorists! Murderers! Rapists!

As the dragon dies it gasps: “So you have been judged… so you shall… suffer.”

The walls have common writing using Virozoth blood:

The one with the black hand will crush the black heart. Those that have seen the darkness will walk the stars.

After moving the dragon’s body, they find the text: Soaring higher than all others, she searches for her lost sheep She knows that I’ve been Doing something wrong But she won’t say anything My foul deeds are no reason to hide from her Mother hides the murderer Mother hides the madman When will I come home? When will I return to her? Mothers stand for comfort Mother will stay mum She stands for comfort —Greedoth Venomeye (apologies to Kate)

They rescue a dwarf cannoneer, G’dorn Mossheal, who is carrying around the head of his former commander, Captain Blackstar. Captain Blackstar can be heard when the head is visible and it is screaming for people to gather a cannon and finish off the Virozoth invaders.

After using all the cannon balls, Captain Blackstar orders: USE MY HEAD! which, when finally fired at the Virozoth, their arcane gates begin to collapse.

The Virozoth have gates to many parts of Terravin and the party sees many strange things. But they settle on going to Haven 2, where Andra’s cousin, Emelie, is supposed to be.

There they fight their way to the boats to find Emelie commanding a boat and keeping everybody away from it. She sees the party and calls them “Star Walkers” and informs them she is happy to help with whatever they need. She shows them the moongate on the ship and the party returns to Haven at long last.



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