Captain Gradwax

Shadarkai, ex Myra follower, mentally disabled


After repeatedly calling for the Black Hand’s destruction, he was captured and then questioned.
Gradwax explained the turmoil caused by Liliane Esconde’s surprise arrival and attack on Bobi Accoyer, Captain Esconde’s mistress.

Upon further questioning, his voice faded, his head rolls to the side as his eyes roll back into his head. His jaw dropped open and a voice says:
Black… Hand…
Must… help… Black… Hand…
Bring this Shadar Kai to me
Bring this Shadar Kai to me
Bring this Shadar Kai to Gloomwroght.
This Shadar Kai will bring you to me.
Must help Black Hand

Gradwax is now rather lethargic and tends to mutter “black… hand…”, “praise Myra”, and “want to go home”.

The party took Gradwax to Gloomwrought. Once there, Gradwax took the party to the Roost of the Monger.

As you are being led, you walk past a building that is literally crumbling apart and imploding. Few of the other passersby pay any attention, but they do give it some space. As you are carefully giving it wide birth, it collapses. Gradwax appears to pay no attention. You realize there are several forms moving in the rubble. It slowly becomes apparent that brick golems are ripping apart the building.

Once at the Roost of the Monger, Gradwax simply stood there. Messengers are constantly running past. Gradwax is looking this way and that, and finally, after 15 minutes a hafling leaves the large tower, looks around at all the people in the square and then approaches you. “You have captured the traitor Gradwax?”

“I’m supposed to give you this message and take you to the Deathless Palace. It’s for your eyes only — it’s not properly secured. But this is as it was handed to me 2 minutes ago.” He hands you a simple scroll tied up with twine. Unrolling it, it simply says, “The Dragon King has waited a long time for you.”

The Halfling leads you to the Avenue of Gleaming Gems, after a few short blocks you can see down the road to a number of large castles, but to your immediate left is what appears to be the largest one by a factor of four.

The Halfling says, “This is the Deathless Palace, home to Prince Rolan, the ruler of Gloomwrought. He has ruled this city for 300 years and is extremely proud of his home having withstood a number of direct assaults.”

You took Gradwax to the Deathless Palace, and while in the jail, you see a giant ghostly tripod looming over Gradwax.

Green light lashes out and strikes all the guards.

Everyone in the room is frozen except for you. A raven swoops in from the stairs and fly towards an empty cell and lands, then walks between the bars. It hops up on the bench inside, turns to face you and squawks loudly.

This led you into an ice-filled cave where you recovered:
Key of the Frozen Resolve
Dragon of Iron Will Statuette


Captain Gradwax

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