Orin Bigsky

orc priest of Darley


He is the last of the Broadfang adventuring team.
We were pushing farther and farther North, we’d found a pass over the Skyknives, and were starting to see signs of Myra’s followers. Cowardly and weak, we destroyed any we found. She’s up there somewhere, somewhere in the frozen North. One day we found a city on the shore of a lake. We explored it and found a large chamber with burning lava along the sides. That place didn’t look abandoned at all. Lava rock pillars were scattered about and we were moving real cautiously when a Red Dragon attacked us. It slammed into us so hard, Morgan was knocked right into the lava; if it had only gone after me first, that wouldn’t have happened. With Morgan down, it should have been over. I was ready to die. But the beast never got a killing blow in, we fought it all across that chamber, using the pillars as cover from its fiery blasts, I charged in and at last crushed its skull with Grakuul, my great hammer of Dragon Slaying, . Over and over it was saying, “I am Gyreblast Emberfall.” Like that should mean something to us. When I killed it, that last thing it said was, “Shanara Wildwind will hear my name and tremble.”

When we got back to Haven, things were fine for two days, we had to tell Morgan’s family what happened, so we were slow to get to the guild. That third morning we got to the Adventuring Guild and told our story of the dragon and Shanara Wildwind. Before night, Calabras, our mage, was dead. Something he ate at dinner killed him. The next morning, Wilson and Clipper were dead too. Shadowfell creatures got them. I sleep in my temple every night, with the common folk that have lost their homes. I know I don’t have long to live. The Watchers are in the Shadowfell and they are hunting us for knowing that cursed name.

Orin Bigsky

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