Phoebe Justice


Paragon Swordmage Vampire

Wields a single short sword of lightning.

Phoebe is Oathsworn to the Haven’s High Priests of Firefoot, Darley, and Westersund and is also Oathsworn to Bender himself. If she were to harm a single person in Haven, she’d be charred ash in half a heartbeat.

Phoebe is unable to leave Haven.


A human older teenager in appearance, she likes wearing pink. Her build is slight with breast cup size of maybe a B.

Her long, blond hair is usually tied up in braid that is curled around her head as she walks. She wears sensible black boots (always ready for a fight, pink are too hard to keep clean).

Her black bracers she always wears bear the insignia of the Blackguard.

Her power as a Vampire can be felt at 20 yards and will tend to cause any undead to cower.

History, Dungeoneering, check DC 10: The woman is Phoebe Justice. Now regarded as one of Haven’s oldest members, she was alive before Haven 3 was founded. She has taken no position on the Haven Council as she prefers her job on the Black Guard. Hundreds, possibly thousands, thank her for saving their lives.

Arcane Check, DC 20: Phoebe is a skilled Swordmage and is known for keeping unusual familiars—flaming skulls and oozes being her favorites.

Dungeoneering Check, DC 20: Phoebe is one of the Red and Black Guard’s most skilled swordsmen and most demanding trainers.

Streetwise, History check DC 25: Phoebe was born in Haven 2, her father was an adventurer and he returned from an unknown land turned into a Vampire. He came back at night and killed Phoebe’s mother and then her family. He attempted to kill her too, but she defended herself and killed him. She immediately went to the temple district for help. A priest from Firefoot helped her and they guided her to a safe path. It is currently believed she resides at Haven’s main Temple to Firefoot. And the rumors are all gifts to her are turned over to the temple.

The Coleman daughters, Micah and Mindy were fearful of Phoebe, but quickly warmed up to her when Phoebe talked to them.

Magus Dillinger does NOT like Phoebe, and is known to call her a slut and a “thing”.

Phoebe Justice

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