Vivian Leatherdale

Human Historian, writer


Vivian lives near the city park, in a small cottage only a few blocks from the undead infested home Belerick and Dwynne cleared out before.

Her historical speech, attempted to end some of the anger directed towards dragon born:

High Commander Doomwing

In the heat of the Demon Wars, the mighty Dragon Empire stumbled.
The war was lost and all would parish.
High Commander Rabarax Doomwing led the last brigade of dragon borne against the demon horde.
Calling on the might of Weaver, the magic blade sealed with thunder, lightning, fire, and ice,
Doomwing forced his way into the tide, cutting down the darkest evil to walk our world.
Alas, the hand of Orcus was too strong, and the Demon Lord struck Doomwing a fatal blow.
It was said that only a True Leader may command the will of Weaver.
It is not known who picked up the fallen blade against the demons, but their sacrifice pitched them into a battle against the Demon Lord of Undead.
The lightning and flares from Weaver flashed over the battlefield and Orcus raged.
The unknown soldier drove the Demon Lord back and scattered the howling fiends.
With their blood the dragon borne purchased the final precious seconds the wizards needed.
The Demon Gate was sealed, but the unknown soldier fell.
In the chaos of the aftermath, none can say what became of Orcus, Weaver, or the unknown soldier
But in their deaths, we live.
We live to give thanks to the unknown soldier, to Weaver, to High Commander Rabarax Doomwing.
And we give thanks to all the dragon borne, who, in their name alone we stand today.


Vivian Leatherdale

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