Acererac Note 1


Belloq – Greed and Gluttony

Vespa – Passion, Lust, and Pleasure
- Queen of the Velvet Throne

Rizkoth – Tooth, Claw, and Poison

Kurdan – Shadow and Death
- The Usurper

Azrasha – Destruction

Crylis – Corruption, Lies, and Deceit

Nalagoth – Disease

Taraxuth – Bone

Drygan – War

My calculations show how clearly the Darklords squander their power on vain trivialities. These long hundreds of years of studying show they know nothing of the power they could command or attain. Oh! But that one anomaly — more time, always need more time…

Once I have ascended, the Shadowfel will bend to my will and be mine. Baladine, Torthos, and even Valkadine will be my open doors to claim their thrones.
The gleaming halls of Zentoth will be my Godly estate. Tandalae will be my playground to destroy and kill all at my whim.
And Terravin will tremble and cry before me!

These puny offerings and meaningless promises will soon end and I can sweep all away. With the power of all their Soul Wells, I can turn to the heart of the Shadowfel and then claim the throne that is rightfully mine.
It was foolish to tread there so soon — the Raven Queen’s powers have not left her demesne and so will take some effort to truly make it mine.

But, oh, the glory of such a day!

I shall be crowned the new Lord of Death and all the realms shall weep for my power will be unchallenged!


Acererac Note 1

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