Acererac Note 2


Nalagoth is probably the easiest — he’s isolated with followers and temples on one isolated island that are a gateway to his home on Oadrum. A bigger concern would be the Fire Lord that is on the South side of the same island — a Demon Lord’s attention would make reaching Oadrum far more challenging.

I sent emissaries to the Abyss to find out why a Fire Lord makes his home in the Mortal Realm. He as well as one other are apparently banished from the Abyss under pain of death by Orcus and a trio of other Demon Lords. Strangely, Orcus is also in the Mortal Realm, sitting upon some floating city. He guards a Demon Gate that apparently was opened long ago. This is confusing because as long as a Demon Gate stands open, demons should be pouring into the Mortal Realm like howling jackals at the slaughter.

Too many questions here, the latest Demonomicon would probably prove extremely helpful, but alas, there is still little sign of Vecna — I’m almost convinced his end truly came during the last Demon War. Strange days are these…

Also: I must find a gift for Jul’thar — apparently while investigating Angel Island, he managed to kill the Fire Lord’s pet dog and frame Winter for the deed. He’s apparently started a feud between the two now. Such excellent work!
Although I do wonder… Mittens? Who names a dog “Mittens”? Hmmm… and when did Demon Lords start keeping mortal pets? I don’t even have a pet.


Acererac Note 2

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