Acererac Note 4


Belloq is an obvious target, but he has many friends and I think it would be wiser to use Baladine as a way to send agents to infiltrate the other Dark Lords.

Tandalae, Torthos, and Baladine all should
make for easy infiltration to study more closely
and fix my plans to claim the Soul Wells.

Tandalae is a glittering seashore with Vespa’s gluttonous celebrations. The laughing and cavorting in the waves and pools are disgusting displays of flesh and meaningless pleasures. The music and dancing are almost constant and enough to drive anyone interested in any sort of serious thought out of their mind.

Torthos, the Midnight City and plaything of Crylis and Belloq, is half destroyed, but the constant guild wars there make for easy entry into the hierarchy of those two Darklords. And by luck I have found the Boatman to Paradise also delivers slaves to Baladine at a secret dock, when the time is right, I can claim Belloq in a quick strike.

Baladine, such a hub of commerce and a common connection point of the other Darklords. It shall make my investigations far easier than I would have expected. Belloq enjoys his hunts and appears to be oblivious to the prophecies, this may make my own hunt even easier than it should be. Though I must keep an open eye, lest I become the Hunter of the prophecies. Though, thankfully, I keep no pets.

Tyraga may be useful, but the constant destruction by Drygan could make it chancy. Drygan’s Chosen would be very useful to infiltrate, however, being Avatars, that is unlikely.


Acererac Note 4

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