Acererac Note 5


Brimbol managed to place the cyclops skull under the
house of the neighbor of the Boatman to Paradise in
Torthos. I am now able to visit Henry each night in
his dreams and learn about his neighbor’s comings and
goings. Fascinating how he always claims to take
guests to Baladine, but then once a month makes a
no-guests shipment…

Brimbol is so efficient, less than two weeks later he figured
out that Mr. Paradise is also a slaver. Naughty, naughty…
Brimbol has also been hired as a thug for the next slave run.
Should be interesting to find out where the slaves are taken.
Obviously to Baladine, but as they don’t arrive at the guest’s
docks, there must be a back door. If Brimbol finds this path,
he certainly deserves that enchanted blade he asked for…


Acererac Note 5

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