Corruption Shard Splinter


In the battle with Winter:

As the demon is banished, there is a flash and an arcane inversion of power that gathers and snaps into a single bolt that strikes the place the demon was standing. A blast of shards rains down on the party (+10 vs reflex, D8 damage).

As the party regains their feet, Minyra’s dagger twitches in her hand and draws Minyra toward one of the shards. Minyra sees that while the other dark purple shards have faded to black, one has a silver spark inside it, flashing as if it were a small flame.

Minyra hears Darley’s voice, “Claim your birthright, demon. Become the blade of suspicion among the Dark Lord’s chosen. Become the shadow that moves in their fortress. Stand up for those that cannot defend themselves.”

Minyra picks up a Corruption Shard Splinter.

I knew the moment I felt your touch you were the Horned Harold. The time of the Black Hand has truly come.


Corruption Shard Splinter

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