Journal Entries of Lord Broadshield/Deathwait


May 6, 598

Today, I, Lord Broadshield must do what must be done to atone for the madness of Twilight’s Hammer. My team foolishly saw all Tuskarin as a threat to the new Haven 3. Using powerful illusions we tricked and terrified a clan of Tuskarin into this cave.

Paladin Argus Sunborne insisted that fallen Tuskarin was more safety for Haven 3 and went ahead with the plan despite my protests.

I have come to learn that the Tuskarin we trapped in here were called the Egg Mother Tribe – a peaceful clan that had resisted the influence of the Dark Lords. In the years after the Egg Mother Tribe’s fall the far more violent Blood Tongue’s have moved into the empty territory and now threaten Haven 3 with far more violence than the Egg Mother Tribe ever did.

Haven 3 will surely suffer for what Twilight’s Hammer has done, but it will have to stand without me, for I have sworn to see to a proper burial and protection of their graves of these fallen innocents.

In honor of the dead, I am claiming a new name: Deathwait

September 20, 603

We have discovered an incredible, vast cavern! We had forced the Tuskarin into this cave and out of reverence we had not disturbed the dead as we prepared a proper tomb. Today we began moving the bodies. Mothers had held their children as they had died. They had gathered into circles and must have been crying to sleep as the poison gas Sunborne made reached them. What we hadn’t known was that beyond the bodies the cave had reached a large cavern. It is a gash in the mountains with a bottom we cannot see. It is as if the earth has opened a deep well of sorrow to match my soul.

January 18, 679

The Egg Mother has returned! She has found her lost children and now guards them. The Deathwait clan can rest at last. She cries out for Sunborne and obviously wants revenge.

We have a plan to kidnap the grandson of Sunborne and bring him to her. If he is lucky, perhaps she will take mercy on him, but that is for her to decide.

I shall leave this journal here in case our plan to capture Sunborne fails.


Journal Entries of Lord Broadshield/Deathwait

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