Lady Sorreminx Letter


To the True Flame,

I tell others I search for these, but that is not true. They find me. I know not why. They terrify me, but for some reason seek me out. I collect them, and then destroy the wall I find them on so no other can find them. I know there are other prophecies and that makes me wonder if there are others like myself, cursed with the luck to find these messages.

But none of that matters. I know you are the Flame. Well, one of you or all of you. In any case, I believe you are meant to have these. Many in the Shadowfel curse you or distrust you. They do not like the light you bring. But without light, there can be no shadow. I hear stories of the darkness tearing apart your world and I fear, if it is not stopped, it will one day reach the Shadowfel. For these reasons, I am giving you these and pray to all the gods it is the right thing to do.

Franrik Shadowblade, The Panther Lord has more. You should seek him out in the land of the Shadar-Kai, Northwest from Gloomwrought. I have not asked for his prophecies, as I believe he should keep them secret as I have held mine in secret. And as I waited for proof of the true Flame, he too will likely have a test known only to him for you to prove your worthiness. You shouldn’t concern yourselves with what this test is, for as you may have noticed, you do not seek prophecies, they find you.

I also did some research on the Elemental Emissary. I am so sorry, Andra, I wish I could tell you this in person, but I believe you should know now. Ancient texts describe the Emissary leading Elementals and Mortals in alliance against demon lords in horrific battles. Every story starts with the Emissary leading attacks against cults that invariably have lead to direct assaults on strongholds of the Abyss. The Emissary is presented as a diplomatic connection between Elementals and Mortals, but in practice, the Emissary is a blade against the Demonic hordes of the Abyss. I have collected the information from the stories into the potential alliance. The Emissary chooses which Elemental spirit to bond with, so I’ve included what the effects of these bonds bring you. I wish you all the luck in the Astral Sea!

Lady Sorreminx,

Sorcerer to the River King


Lady Sorreminx Letter

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