Lady Sorreminx Prophecies


I have grouped prophecies as they relate to each other.

It is critical to pay attention to capitalization — those that trade these by spoken voice are losing important keys. The written originals start to form groups that can begin to make sense if you pay attention to the capitalization.

Prophecies of the Hunter

  • Hunting on the Forbidden Island, the hunter knows not that he is the pray.
  • When hunting on the Forbidden Island, the Hunter cannot see that the guard sleeps.

Prophecies of the Unseen Artificer

  • The Unseen Artificer gives gifts to those that brave the deceptions.

Prophecies of the Shadow Walker

  • Only the Shadow Walker can use the portals to choose the field of battle.
  • Only the Shadow Walker is brave enough to steal what cannot be carried.

Prophecies of Paradise

  • The Boatman to Paradise claims slaves in the torn city.
  • A wrong turn while traveling to Paradise can open the door for the lost.

Prophecies of the Flame

  • You shall know the true Flame as nature follows.

— Note: They survived the Test of Flame and returned with a Dryad. But… does that mean they are all the “true” Flame, or one of them in particular? Need to find the other prophecies of the Flame to hopefully gain insight.


Lady Sorreminx Prophecies

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