Poetry from the Virzoth


From Lishekki Almandrine / Virozoth:

Poem 1: Written in the Stars

Once written in the stars
A pathway set in stone
A candle in the night
To guide your way back home

Still written in the stars
And written in your eyes
The prophecy fulfills
The dream that never dies

[ as LIshekki reads this last part, all the candles flicker as if touched by a breeze ]
Shooting star lights the night
And somehow we lose sight
While the magic stands still
Fey blood will make it right

Poem 2: My nightmare

Dancing under the Moon
Your singing stopped too soon
Everyone saw me there
trapped within your dark tune

Singing "We’re running fast
Singing “We’re running far
Trying to catch the morning star”

The brightest ring ’round the moon will darken when I die
Your deception, our dark dread nightmare clouding the sky

Poem 3: Loreley

Oh, the stories we were told
Quite a vision to behold
Mysteries of the seas in her eyes of gold

[ at this point a breeze picks up through the chamber, candle’s begin flickering ]
And the winds will cry
And many men will die
And all the waves will bow down to the Loreley

[ Lishekki is shaken but continues, as she reads more you see green and purple arcane mist gathering around her, though she is focused on reading from her scroll ]
You would not believe your eyes
Charms the moon right from the sky
She will get inside your mind, lovely Loreley

[ Lishekki’s voice becomes hollow and loses its feminine quality — you recognize the voice of the Virizoth, the breeze has become a rushed flow, cutting out all candles, leaving only the lantern dragons for light ]
And the winds will cry
And many men will die
And all the waves will bow down to the Loreley

[ The strange lights suddenly die and the air becomes perfectly still, the candles flickering back to life, the crowd is silent, there is a crash of shattering glass and all turn to see Lady Sorreminx pale white and her wine glass dropped on the floor. ]


Poetry from the Virzoth

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