Red Eclipse

Skyknives player map


1 hex = 5 miles

SW (bottom left) corner is the city of Leopard Bay.
East from there is the Four-falls River emptying into the Coral Sea.
The river climbs up the mountainside to the 3000’ elevation point you are now at.
The dwarves fill in the path north to Cadensong/Jullal’du’at — a 50 mile trip (sorry my guess of 20 was a little off).

The lake is unnamed.

With the Dragon Empire lift activated, your horses at the bottom of The Well can easily be recovered.

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Graphics editing done using Paint.Net.

Catch up

The party battled through the ruined sea town of New Rizza, encountering Pedari, a Gold Dragon. They battled, with the dragon saying:

I.. am.. Pedari. I sacrifice my life in defiance of you, Shanara. I will never submit to you, Shanara Wildwind. Your lies will return to haunt you Shanara. They will only have to look in your garden, Shanara, to see the truth.

At Fort Digger, the party found an alien structure had imposed itself over the keep. Virozoth, tripod creatures from a distant realm, were invading.

At the heart of For Digger, they encountered Zirig, who offered a deal:

I wanted to offer you a deal: I want the name of the dragon that took the Red Heart. If you can get me that, I will share a secret with you: the truth behind Fire’s Keeper. And to show you that I really am interested in your… success, I have a gift for you.

They find a Mercury Dragon that has chewed off its hind leg, during the battle it curses them, calling them foul names: Assassins! Betrayers! Defilers! Terrorists! Murderers! Rapists!

As the dragon dies it gasps: “So you have been judged… so you shall… suffer.”

The walls have common writing using Virozoth blood:

The one with the black hand will crush the black heart. Those that have seen the darkness will walk the stars.

After moving the dragon’s body, they find the text: Soaring higher than all others, she searches for her lost sheep She knows that I’ve been Doing something wrong But she won’t say anything My foul deeds are no reason to hide from her Mother hides the murderer Mother hides the madman When will I come home? When will I return to her? Mothers stand for comfort Mother will stay mum She stands for comfort —Greedoth Venomeye (apologies to Kate)

They rescue a dwarf cannoneer, G’dorn Mossheal, who is carrying around the head of his former commander, Captain Blackstar. Captain Blackstar can be heard when the head is visible and it is screaming for people to gather a cannon and finish off the Virozoth invaders.

After using all the cannon balls, Captain Blackstar orders: USE MY HEAD! which, when finally fired at the Virozoth, their arcane gates begin to collapse.

The Virozoth have gates to many parts of Terravin and the party sees many strange things. But they settle on going to Haven 2, where Andra’s cousin, Emelie, is supposed to be.

There they fight their way to the boats to find Emelie commanding a boat and keeping everybody away from it. She sees the party and calls them “Star Walkers” and informs them she is happy to help with whatever they need. She shows them the moongate on the ship and the party returns to Haven at long last.

Leaving the Temple of Firefoot

Asha has been called away on religious duty and the church of Firefoot has requested the party help a young woman reach and gain entrance to Haven. At first requested as a favor for the church, the party is then offered money if that is all they wish, but then they deside that in their battle against the Dark Lords, having the Temple of Firefoot owe them a favor is the better plan.

A robed halfing comes up to Wildvine and whispers. Then Wildvine looks at the party. “Avatar Calipso is weakening. We may be too late and you may suffer the same fate as us.”

There fiery tornado begins dissipating, the flames thining.

You hear shouts all around the temple to be ready for an attack.

Wildvine steps out the back door of the temple, “I’m sorry, I must do what I can here. Please, reach Fort Digger and bring help if it is at all possible. I fear we will not last the Long Night.”

You see the flames stuttering and fading down to nothing outside the temple as you follow Wildvine outside.

There is a mighty cheer from the dark hordes in the city streets.

The war drums pound in a rapid and brief roll. When they stop, the mob goes silent. A single voice calls out, “Your time has come to an end Calipso. You shall defy the armies of Myra no more. Your followers shall all be crushed, unless you wish to beg for mercy and submit to Myra’s whip.”

You see a half-elf come out of the temple. She is dressed in white robes, she looks young and beautiful, but simultaneously tired and ancient. Four attendants in battle dress follow her closely.

“Captain Besson, I do not fear your master’s whip. But I will not beg of anything from you. You make cut me down on this night, but I swear I will take you with me.”

Calipso raises her staff and shouts, “Defenders of the Flame –“

She was about to continue, but it cut off when there is a burst of white and blue light. The clear night sky is suddenly blotted out as all around you are blue swirling eddies of mystic power. The arcane hum that has become so constant is instantly swept away. The blue lights flow outward, as if all coming from Captain Besson, until a large sphere, perhaps hundreds of yards across has engulfed you, the temple, and the armies.

People recover from the shock of the lights and you look up to see Captain Besson levitating, a green light radiating around him. He speaks again, but this time his voice echos as if coming from down a long tunnel.

“Army of Myra, I commend you for winning this battle, but the prize shall be mine. For your reward I shall end your suffering lives.”

Andra recognizes the voice is Zirig – the robed man that flew the Tikri airship.

Captain Besson’s clothes and armor fall away from him and then suddenly his flesh is ripped away as if he were a large banana. Besson is screaming out in pain and anguish, his body bent horribly backwards. His entourage step towards him, but hesitate, unsure how to help.

You hear more bone-chilling screams from around Captain Besson but can see little of what is happening.

A wave of force hits you from above, knocking you to the ground, a surge of enternal power washing over you. You are left looking up at the night sky, the blue sphere is gone, but are surprised to see the stars have been blotted out. Lighting rips angrily through the sky and reveal the clouds swirling in a tight vortex directly above you. For several long seconds you are paralyzed and helpless as you hear stone crack and the earth shakes around you.

The arcane buzz returns and you are suddenly released from the weight. As you regain your feet you see the town of New Rizza has been demolished as if stomped on by some angry giant.

Arcane Check (trained only), DC 23: The arcane buzz is a divination marker. The sphere was divination suppression. Whoever is watching did not see the fall of Captain Besson.

You realize both armies were knocked down as you had been, but before the drow regain their feet you see there is a mob of shambling skeletons where Captain Besson once stood. The undead are slashing into the drow and appear to have been unaffected by the crushing weight – you imagine many were slaughtered as they were pinned to the ground helplessly.

“NOW!” shouts Calisto. “CHARGE!”

Calistos attenedants unleash powerful flame and lightning that destroys the siege engines and the defenders of the Temple rush to engage the drow, which are now caught between those they had conquered and the undead that have appeared in their midst.

The battle erupts among the shattered city streets. Fort Digger stands on the far side of the raging battle.

In the chaos, the party rushes into the maze of broken buildings.

A group of gnolls is found first and they are cut down to 2 huntsmen that surrender and are stripped of gear, arms are bound and they are sent to the temple of Firefoot.

Pressing on, the party finds 4 halflings torturing an orc.

“Gosh, I wonder where they learned that,” Minyra ponders and the party moves on, leaving them alone.

Next, they encounter a skull lord that has fallen into a collapsed basement. He is being assaulted by beetles and is laughing hysterically, begging the party to save him. They attack. During the fight a wandering giant scorpion comes across them and attacks as well, as it captures people, it drops them into the pit.

Inside the pit, the arcane hum becomes a pulsing sound and a hidden passage to the south is spotted. Golden light eminates from this direction.

What Already Happened

Haven was attacked by a large army of Tuskarin.

While the party was not in an appropriate position to participate, they foiled some saboteurs that attempted to sneak in during the distraction.

This got them the attention of Conner Westmoore, a dirty scoundrel that knows even more dirty scoundrels.

To see that the party was up to task, Conner first sent them to take out the Red Ring—a pit fighting group outside of town that he believed had kidnapped his friend, Gnarly. It was run by Bogtog. The party cleared out Bogtog and his men, and then they found Bogtog’s note. In the back of Bogtog’s hangout, they party explored an area that had been barricaded off. It took some work to clear away the debris, and that lead down into a very strange set of stairs guarded by statues that attacked as they neared each one. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, the walls began to lower and they could see the initial entry way to the stairs was blocked off by a very solid stone wall.

At the bottom of the pit was what initially looked like dirt. Random traps began firing at the party and they quickly determined they needed to take up places around the dirt pool. Once they did this, a spear poked Roland, who had taken up the position on the arch that overlooked the dirt. Roland also noticed a strange sigil on the palm of his left hand appeared. When he blood dripped down and reached the pool, the room changed. The dirt became a pool of blood and the party realized the ring of skulls set in niches around the room sudden acquired a new niche at the end. A horrible creature from nightmares crawled up out of the blood and attacked the party. They fought the creature and were victorious. The walls reset to normal and the party was able to escape the blood room.

Conner was grateful to the party for the rescue of his friend Gnarly, but very alarmed about the Blood Altar—they agreed to report its existence to the authorities and the room has now been properly destroyed, filled, and sealed by the Haven Engineers.

The party also showed Bogtog’s Note to Conner.

With that completed mission to prove their grit, Conner gave them their primary mission: going to Camden Town where a particularly nasty despot, Touson, was running things and Conner believed he needed to be stopped. Conner also pointed out that there was a possible back entrance through a cave that was recently unearthed by a rock slide.

The cave turned out to be an old vacation site for the Dragon Empire, now occupied by a moss demon that was reveling in the magical pool that had been abandoned. Upon clearing the area of the demon and its spawn, the were visited by a man from the Shadow Fell. He was concerned they were being watched and asked that the party return when they knew they could have a more private conversation.

The party then reached Camden Town, rescued 2 girls and an old man. Identified the 4 leaders and then attacked. They took out 2 of the leaders, the 3rd escaped. Then they pushed on to an old dwarven fort where Touson had taken refuge.

The fort held a dungeon far more fast than anyone knew to be there. They identified the fort as belonging to the Deathwait Clan of dwarves, a mysterious group that disappeared decades earlier.

As they explored the dungeon, they found crypts with wall paintings depicting the Tuskarin and their crocodile god. As they continued, they found more pictures with the dwarves also worshiping the crocodile. They reached a cave with a large pile of Tuskarin bones and wrapped around it a mighty ghostly Crocodile. “Bring me Sunborne” they heard in their heads, and they backed away to explore another path.

The other path revealed a crypt with a journal, apparently penned by the leader of the Deathwait Clan. It explained how the an adventuring group long ago tricked the peaceful worshipers of the Egg Mother into the cave where they were then poisoned. The adventuring group’s leader, Paladin Argus Sunborne, insisted that all Tuskarin were evil and should be killed, but the dwarf, Broadshield, thought it was wrong. He brought his clan to the site and they built the proper crypts for the dead and began laying them to rest. The Egg Mother began to appear to them and drove them to bring her Sunborne. The last entry said they were going off to retrieve Sunborne. It is unclear what happened to the dwarf clan after that.

They then pushed in to the deepest part of the cave to find an immense chasm with a narrow arching bridge. The air here was extremely cold and they could see their breath. The bridge connected to a frozen cave, covered in ice and snow. An ice altar in the back of the cave had Red Sky, the Axe they were to take from Touson, embedded in it. They approached with caution and a white dragon, Content Not Found: Iceshock, burst out of the ground in the middle of the group. The battle was fierce, but the party killed the great beast. For some reason the altar exploded sending ice shards flying out and injuring one party member, but leaving Red Sky exposed and easily retrieved.

At this point the wizard Andra realized a strange hum that had been slowly growing in intensity suddenly stopped. It had to have been arcane in nature, but beyond that nothing could be said.

As the party left, they pried the two green emeralds from the wall mural of the Egg Mother.

From Touson’s dungeon they had also retrieved a drow named Content Not Found: Twitchblade, who was carrying a scroll from the Goddess Content Not Found: Darley, asking that he and his followers be granted entrance to Haven.

“His followers” turned out to be gnomes, drow, and dozens of other humanoids. Some stayed in Camden Town, but the rest followed the party back to Haven.

Half way back, the party was assaulted by Myra, the Mistress of Pain. She cast a spell to capture Twitch, but also netted the party, for without the favor of the Egg Mother, they were defenseless against the powers of a God.

They found themselves in one of Myra’s dungeons of torture and had to fight their way out. The wizard had used a Bind Ritual to link herself to the moongate in Deathwait Keep, and they found a moongate in Myra’s dungeon so she quickly activated it for the party to retreat. While she did that the cleric in the party used the Bind Ritual to bind to Myra’s moongate.

Just as they were stepping through, a vampire approached and asked where they were going. Roland, the Warlord, had a burned mark of the Blood God on his hand and he held it up and told the Vampire to mind his own business. The bluff worked long enough for the party to step through the moongate and then close it.

They then quickly returned the 2 emeralds they had claimed from the Egg Mother and she appeared and forgave them. Beleric Silvervain saw her power and decided to change his calling to this unknown God.

The party once again headed from Deathwait Keep back to Haven. Running into the refugees they had been trying to help earlier. This time there was no inference from Myra.

They reached Haven and returned the 2 girls to their parents, a rich family that then invited them to a party.

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