Fallen Gods

The Fallen Five

In 659, a great battle erupted at Dagger Falls. It was not a war among armies, but between the gods, the resulting clash left 5 Lords of Light and thousands dead. As it went, little is understood since few witnesses survived (to this day, there is a scorched area left where nothing grows)—how the fight began, why no Dark Lords were slain (yet so many Gods of Haven fell), and why the Lords of Light have all retreated from Terravin, save Bender, who refuses to leave his temple. He is said to be the only Lord of Light to have survived the battle, but he will not speak of it.

Relinore Redfang

  • Palsharn
  • God of Hunting, Beasts, Air
  • Neutral
  • Followers: Rangers, Barbarians, Druids, Palsharn

Kizetra Tong the Fern Walker

  • Palsharn
  • Goddess of the ferns and the forest
  • Good
  • Followers: Palsharn

Olgar Maltsong

  • Orc
  • God of Beer, Singing, Cooking
  • Good
  • Orcs, Bards, Taverns, Inn Keepers

Agdar Capstone

  • Dwarf god of Engineering
  • Lawful Good
  • Dwarves, Engineers

“Zipper” Zi’narakriper

  • Tiefling god of shadows and speed
  • Neutral
  • Tieflings, rogues, rangers

Fallen Gods

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