Gods of Light

Bender Lostbark

Halfling • God of Luck, Shadows, and Trickery • Chaotic Good • Followers: Trinite, Adventures, Gamblers, Rogues


Human • Goddess of Family, Home, Love, Protection, and the Sea • Neutral Good • Followers: Warriors, commoners

Malcolm Westersund

Human • God of Plants, Protection, Law, Justice • Lawful Good • Followers: The People of Haven, Elves

Barrum “Ben” Bigheart

Palsharn • God of Earth, Farming, Plants • Neutral • Followers: Druids, Palsharn, Elves

Ogron Nightwind

Orc • God of Hunting, Beasts, Air, War • Chaotic Neutral • Followers: Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, Barbarians, Rangers, Druids

Kentucky Wilson

Gnome • Alchemy, Engineering, Knowledge • Lawful Neutral • Followers: Gnomes, Engineers, Alchemists

Striker Firefoot

Halfling • Goddess of Life, Death and Fire • Lawful Good • Followers: Halflings, Good priests everywhere

Torin Faststring

Elf • God of Magic, Moons • Neutral Good • Followers: Elves, military troops

Vin Whetstone

Dwarf • Goddess of Mercy, Protection, Healing, Water • Neutral Good • Dwarves

Yvonne Windrider

Elf • Goddess of Air, Water, Sea, Travel, Merchants and Harvest • Lawful Neutral • Elves, Merchants, Sailors, Farmers

Gods of Light

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