The current “Haven” is actually Haven 3, Haven 1 and Haven 2 have been abandoned due to excessive assault be creatures of the Red Eclipse.

Haven 1 was occupied from Common Year 0 to 402. Haven 2 was occupied from 398 to 602. Haven 3 has been occupied from 698 to the current year 695.

Haven is the city state that is home to the most Degari by far. It’s large walls bristle with cannons and muskets in defense of the creatures twisted by the Red Eclipse.

But in recent years, the assaults have been intensifying and it is believed a Haven 4 must be found soon or all will perish.

Haven has a number of satalite townships that produce food and exotic items that are then shipped in to be traded for cannons and guns that can only be made in Haven.

The Degari are not fans of centralized power. The Haven Government reflects this fact.


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