Terravin is the life-bearing moon of Delius, a gas giant that orbits twin stars. One star is a warm, yellow sun, the other is a much smaller red dwarf, whose light corrupts animals into mutated beasts that attack everything they come across. As long as the yellow sun is in the sky, the world is safe. But Terravin regularly passes behind Delius, causing a total eclipse that lasts days. Delius also has many other moons that can also eclipse the yellow star. During these times, if the Red Star is still in the sky, Terravin is plunged into a terrible red light, the mutations strike, and the struggle for survival flares again.

Besieged by the insane animals, the Degari have been forced to seal themselves inside walled cities.

695 years ago, there was a great war with the demons of the Abyss. The Degari’s most powerful mages sacrificed themselves and countless other worlds to stop the attacking hordes. Their gamble stopped the demons, but resulted in creating the Red Star.

Those brave enough to venture out of the walled city search for clues to the past and magical relics that may save the Degari. There are savage races in the wilds, little is known other than their existence must be filled by violence as they worship foul gods of pain and death.

The Degari held out in the city of Haven One for 400 years before the attacking animals became so frequent and intense, they were forced to move. Haven Two was founded and magical gates were opened to connect the two cities. The entire population was forced to move on to Haven Two. This new refuge lasted for only 200 years, before Haven Three was needed.

It has now been 95 years with the population desperately struggling to survive in Haven Three. The animals are attacking more frequently, yet again.

But this time, no new Haven has been found.


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